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Triskele Books is a writers’ collective: writers, stories, places.


The spirals of our triskele logo represent the concept of our collective – authorial independence balanced by mutual support. Going it alone, together.


Triskele Books was formed in 2011, by Gillian Hamer, JJ Marsh and Liza Perrat - highly-acclaimed writers who share a passion for good stories.


Gillian writes paranormal mysteries - chilling tales of sinister crimes along the Anglesey coast.


JJ is writing the Beatrice Stubbs series - international crimes set against striking backdrops ranging from Athens to Zurich.


Liza evokes the horror and joy of revolutionary France through the eyes of Victoire and rural Lucie-sur-Vionne.


In 2012, two more authors joined the team, each with their own distinctive slant on time and place: JD Smith and Catriona Troth.


JD recreates ancient worlds, from 6th century Briton to the 3rd century Roman east. Catriona is a British/Canadian writer, fascinated by stories that explore identity and dislocation.


So what’s the connection?


Setting and atmosphere, culture and legend, history and landscape all combine to create the rich and satisfying experience of Triskele Books.


We want to take you on a journey.


We want to transport you to another place.


We want to tell you a story.



Latest releases from Triskele Books (November 2013) 


Wolfsangel by Liza Perrat


Seven decades after German troops march into her village, Céleste Roussel is still unable to assuage her guilt.


1943. German soldiers occupy provincial Lucie-sur-Vionne, and as the villagers pursue treacherous schemes to deceive and swindle the enemy, Céleste embarks on her own perilous mission as her passion for a Reich officer flourishes.


When her loved ones are deported to concentration camps, Céleste is drawn into the vortex of this monumental conflict, and the adventure and danger of French Resistance collaboration.


As she confronts the harrowing truths of the Second World War’s darkest years, Céleste is forced to choose: pursue her love for the German officer, or answer General de Gaulle’s call to fight for France.


Her fate suspended on the fraying thread of her will, Celeste gains strength from the angel talisman bequeathed to her through her lineage of healer kinswomen. But the decision she makes will shadow the remainder of her days.


A woman’s unforgettable journey to help liberate Occupied France, Wolfsangel is a stirring portrayal of the courage and resilience of the human mind, body and spirit.




Overlord by JD Smith


My name is Zabdas: once a slave; now a warrior, grandfather and servant. I call Syria home. I shall tell you the story of my Zenobia: Warrior Queen of Palmyra, Protector of the East, Conqueror of Desert Lands …


The Roman Empire is close to collapse. Odenathus of Palmyra holds the Syrian frontier and its vital trade routes against Persian invasion. A client king in a forgotten land, starved of reinforcements, Odenathus calls upon an old friend, Julius, to face an older enemy: the Tanukh.


Julius believes Syria should break free of Rome and declare independence. But his daughter’s beliefs are stronger still. Zenobia is determined to realise her father’s dream.


And turn traitor to Rome ...




Ghost Town by Catriona Troth


1981. Coventry, city of Two Tone and Ska, is riven with battles between skinheads and young Asians.


Photographer Baz—‘too desi to be gora, too Paki to be white’—is capturing the conflict on film.


Unemployed graduate Maia—serial champion of liberal causes—is pregnant with a mixed-race child.


Neither can afford to let the racists win. They must take a stand.


A stand that will cost lives.







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